Our Team: Experience, Integrity, Partnership

We assemble a highly experienced group of practitioners who share the same principles and level of integrity around this work. Our approach emphasizes working closely with your team to cultivate a high level of commitment and to ensure they succeed in exercising their mandate.

This is our trademark: partnering with your team to integrate these principles into your organization and deliver the highest impact to your overall performance. Our goal is to make you self-sufficient and successful. That means providing you with the knowledge, tools and processes to maximize your strategic capabilities, today and in the future.

Hubert Saint-Onge Hubert Saint-Onge
Founder and Principal of SaintOnge Alliance
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Jill Nyren Jill Nyren
Organizational Capabilities Advisor
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Peter Wright Peter Wright
Strategy Advisor
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Debra Wallace Debra Wallace
Strategic Learning Advisor
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Harp Arora Harp Arora
Strategic Communications Advisor
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Ed Hreljac Ed Hreljac
Decision Process Advisor
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Shannon Malolepszy Shannon Malolepszy
Office Manager
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