About Deborah Plumley, Principal

Leveraging knowledge to improve business results

Deborah Plumley is a leading-edge consultant, working with clients to:

  • Enables you to see your steps and then improve these steps to achieve increased productivity and other business results.
  • Define or improve their business processes.
  • Identify the knowledge that is most critical to their business.
  • Develop strategies and approaches that effectively create and/or use this critical knowledge to improve business results.

Her background incorporates both consulting and experience at Fortune 50 companies. Prior to her PlumleyKM Consulting business, Ms. Plumley had a 19-year career at Hewlett-Packard, in which she consulted internally in knowledge management (KM), business process development, and instructional design.

She led knowledge management programs worldwide - as a member of an industry- recognized KM team. Her previous experience includes managing business processes and document standards for Hewlett-Packard's consulting organization.

Before joining Hewlett-Packard, Ms. Plumley was an independent consultant in instructional design, writing/editing, and publishing. Her clients included: Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, and Addison-Wesley Publishing.

Highlights of Accomplishments

  • Expedited the development of a high-level business process from 2 months to 4 days for a Fortune 50 company by creating a workshop technique for rapid prototyping of business processes.
  • Decreased document development time by 50% and improved the quality of client deliverables for a consulting organization by establishing content standards for consulting documents.
  • Dramatically decreased the time-to-market for drug discovery and increased competitive edge for a major pharmaceutical company by conducting a knowledge mapping workshop. The outcome outlined user scenarios and information needs for the design of a knowledge portal.
  • Reduced cycle time in getting knowledge to customers by facilitating a knowledge-mapping workshop to determine knowledge strategy and key KM projects for a world-class manufacturing company.
  • Enabled teams at a consulting organization to beat competitors to market by leading workshops to develop consulting processes and collateral for the launch of a new consulting practice and community.

Education and Recognition

Ms. Plumley recently conducted a well-received seminar on knowledge audit and knowledge mapping at the Braintrust International Knowledge Management Conference 2004. She has also presented at a number of other major conferences.

Ms. Plumley has won national awards in three professional fields - corporate training, publishing, and teaching. She received a BA in English from Smith College, an MA in English and education from Harvard University, and a Publications Management Certificate from Radcliffe College.

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