About Ed Hreljac
Ed Hreljac

Specializing in:

  • Leading technology-assisted, collaborative decision processes
  • Applying a rigorous approach to complex decision-making
  • Prioritizing and allocating limited IT resources and capital funds
  • Selecting optimal project mix to maximize organizational benefits and resources

Alignment with Organizational Objectives

Ed Hreljac is an Alliance Partner and our Decision Process Advisor. Committed to helping organizations align business decisions with clear objectives, Ed has helped hundreds of leaders optimize the allocation of limited resources in a time efficient manner.

Structured and Consistent Decision-Making Approach

Integrating experience in commercial and government environments, Ed helps organizations apply disciplined decision processes to numerous areas including portfolio resource allocation, risk assessment, human resources, and strategic priorities development. As an integral component of his consulting and facilitation work, Ed employs best-in-class decision support software Expert Choice®.

Effective Prioritization and Allocation of Limited Resources

In our economic environment, leaders are being asked to do more with less. Differing priorities, objectives and budget parameters can make it impossible for leaders to determine where scarce resources should be spent. Armed with powerful technology and a comprehensive and systematic decision-making approach, Ed helps leaders determine the best choices. As a result, teams leave the process with a decision that is sound, fully understood and supported.

Ed is a Chartered Accountant with ten years experience in public accounting. His auditing career started at KPMG and concluded successfully at Pricewaterhouse Coopers. Ed then took on the role of Chief Financial Officer of a growing multi-national distribution company. After 12 years and the disposition of the company, he founded ProcessPower Solutions Inc. His firm provides consulting services and software tools in group decision support, continual improvement and process mapping, quality management systems, and mind-mapping.

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