Outline of Recent Engagements

With clients spanning many industries and sectors, SaintOnge Alliance’s engagements are quite diverse in nature. At its essence, however, each assignment shares a focus on developing organizational capability to realize strategic goals. The table below will give you a sense of the scope of our practice, describing the area of focus for each major engagement and a description of services delivered.

Area of Focus Services Delivered
  • Developed an integrated talent management strategy for a large U.S.-based retail organization. This involved integrating learning and development, rewards, recruitment and staffing, and performance management.
  • Introduced an enterprise-wide process for leadership development planning for a North American logistics company.
  • Prepared leadership in a professional services firm for new accelerated growth requirements. We developed and delivered a workshop for the firm's top 60 partners.
  • Delivered a series of leadership workshops on fostering customer centricity in a networked organization, for a large U.S.-based retailer.
  • Provided executive coaching to the senior management of a high tech organization to systematically enhance leadership capability.
  • Designed a plan for leadership development for a large North American retail organization
Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Developed an integration plan for the acquisition of a UK company by a Canadian organization. Delivered a series of workshops to the new leadership to create a greater level of alignment between organizations.
Change Management
  • Conducted on-going sessions on change management for the Schulich School of Business Executive M.B.A. program.
  • Developed and led change management session to facilitate implementation of a knowledge management platform at a multi-sector US firm.
  • Guided the development of a dual branding strategy for a major Canadian retailer. Helped align culture and leadership practices to ensure the realization of branding objectives.
Knowledge and Learning
  • Facilitated the development of a comprehensive, enterprise-wide knowledge strategy in a large U.S. organization with eight major divisions. Contributed to the renewal and update of this strategy two years later.
  • Worked with an internal project team for six months to implement a content/collaboration platform in a large U.K.-based telecom company.
  • Developed a three-year plan to evolve a learning strategy in a professional services organization towards greater use of e-learning.
  • Supported the formulation and implementation of a knowledge strategy in an international pharmaceutical organization. This included development of communities of practice.
  • Designed a guide for developing communities of practice in a large U.S.-based technology organization.
  • Worked with the senior management team of a North American logistics firm over a two-year period to enhance the level of team work.
  • Designed and facilitated the annual partner meetings of two large professional services firms.
  • Implemented a comprehensive plan for team work in a large professional services organization. This included attuning team leader roles and developing grids for evaluating and enhancing team effectiveness.
Strategy Development
  • With active participation from all partners, developed a three-year vision and business strategy in a large Canadian professional services organization.
  • Supported an international professional services organization in developing a strategic plan to significantly accelerate growth over three years.
  • Facilitated the senior management team of a global manufacturing firm in the development of a comprehensive competitive strategy
Collaboration and Partnering
  • In close partnership with an internal team, developed a white paper for a large U.S.-based food conglomerate on how to collaborate internally. Also covered coordination of the activities of several strategic business units at the customer interface.
  • Worked with two business partners in an international manufacturing firm to develop an optimal approach to collaboration on a strategic project. This involved defining goals, articulating how the partners would work together, setting expectations, exploring the risks in collaboration, and identifying critical success factors.
  • Developed a plan for two Canadian regional health centres to collaborate closely with one another by bringing together the management teams of the two organizations.

Customer Relationships

Account Management

Business Development

  • Developed focused client service teams in a large professional services firm. Provided support in creating a plan to acquire new clients and cross-sell to existing clients.
  • Conducted a series of skills-building workshops for the business development team of a niche financial services organization. Workshops included training on listening skills, building account plans, and team-based multi-level selling.


Culture Alignment and Renewal

  • Led a major initiative to identify the values of a large Canadian retail organization. Also facilitated consensus on organizational values and corresponding leadership behaviours. Designed a workshop presentation for leaders to use as they cascaded information on values throughout the organization. Connected the organizational values to the development of the brand.
  • Conducted a survey on employee values and facilitated the identification of organizational values to enhance cultural alignment. These services were performed for a high tech organization with a number of recent acquisitions.