Knowledge Leverage Service: Optimize knowledge for business advantage

Are you encountering these business problems?

  • Inefficient R&D cycles, which delay time to market?
  • Decreasing innovation in product development?
  • Difficulties as you try to collaborate or merge with another company?
  • Losing valuable expertise due to downsizing or employee retirement?
  • Other problems that impact productivity, effectiveness, or competitiveness?

Leverage your knowledge

Address one or more of these business problems by leveraging:

  • Knowledge, skills, expertise in people (employee competence), and
  • business processes, structures, documents generated from collaborative efforts (organizational capability)

How "Knowledge Leverage" Can Help You Address Business Problems

  • Research & Development (R&D) defines knowledge leverage technique(s) that will accelerate your R&D cycle.
  • Product Development formulates ways to generate innovation around the most important knowledge domains.
  • Inter-company Collaboration/ Merger defines ways to retain and apply the most competitive knowledge from each company.
  • Downsizing/ Retirement specifies how to capture the most strategic knowledge and the lessons learned from experts who are leaving your company.

Procedural Knowledge Mapping™ Technique

To deliver the Knowledge Leverage service, PlumleyKM Consulting uses the Procedural Knowledge Mapping™ technique. Conducted in a meeting setting, participants collaboratively:

  • Create a knowledge map (identifying knowledge domains within the context of a business/work process).
  • Analyze the knowledge map to identify gaps and determine which knowledge is important.
  • Apply the map and analysis to create a desired strategy or solution (such as a community of practice).

The deliverables are the Knowledge Map, Analysis, Strategy/Solution, and an action plan.

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