Process Definition Service: Optimize processes for business advantage

Benefits of Process Definition

In many organizations, business processes are not defined. Frequently, they are vaguely understood but not recorded. Often they are unsystematically captured. And if they are documented in automatic systems, usually they are rarely updated.

Process definition:

  • Enables you to see your steps and then improve these steps to achieve increased productivity and other business results.
  • Facilitates repeatability of work.
  • Uncovers key decision points.
  • Illuminates factors for success and current impediments to success.
  • Puts your team in control of a process.
  • Encourages teamwork.
  • Facilitates management of projects, enabling tracking and minimizing of costs.
  • Provides a framework for identifying key knowledge assets.

Features of the process model and framework for business methodology

Through the Process Definition service, PlumleyKM Consulting helps you create or improve a process model. This high-level process has the following features:

  • Processes are output-driven.
  • Activities (groups of tasks) are defined and summarized so that they have maximum usability.
  • Milestones and decision points are specified.
  • Roles can be assigned to a task. Skills can be attributed to a role.
  • Critical factors for success are specified for each phase of the process.

The deliverable can be used as a basis for developing a full methodology, which is a drilled-down, detailed process.

Our Consulting Approach

To create and/or refine your process, PlumleyKM Consulting uses our proprietary Enterprise Process Modeling™ technique. Conducted in a meeting setting, participants collaboratively:

  • Create or improve a process model for an enterprise, business unit, or team.
  • Optimize the model so that work done achieves a desired business objective or addresses a business problem

Following a structured methodology, this facilitated meeting is a cost-effective method for defining processes.

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