"While I was CEO of Atlas Cold Storage, Hubert truly became a trusted advisor. He worked closely with me to renew the culture of the enterprise and to build our strategic agenda. His involvement with the senior management team catalyzed the process of migrating to a new and more cohesive and progressive culture. His interventions were thoughtful, practical and clearly focused on the success of our company and therefore had a great deal of impact at all levels of the organization. Our people recognized and respected Hubert as an element of our team - a status rarely achieved by an external consultant but resulting from the nature of Hubert's focus and style of interaction."
David Williamson, ex-CEO, Atlas Cold Storage

"Hubert is a remarkable professional and a wonderful person to work with. His thought leadership is world-class and I always walk away with greater knowledge every time I meet with Hubert. Hubert has a tremendous ability to collaborate with others at all levels, and he quickly establishes strong trust based relationships."
Scott Shaffar, Project Manager, Northrop Gruman

Thank you very much for teaching at our conference last week. You have really helped raise awareness of a critical component to our future success - knowledge! I know it was tough condensing many hours of materials into a 1.5 hour session, but the main points that this topic is critical, pervasive, and integral to our business came across well - plus the evident need for technological support.

We look forward to our continued relationship with you as we build on our knowledge platform.

Thanks again!

Vice President and CIO, Client Organization

Let me add to Sharon's thanks, Hubert. Your design and execution of the meeting were both terrific. It was exactly what our partnership needed and you pulled it off so well. It was surprising to me how quickly you got a feel for what would work in our unusual environment and then stretched us to the limits of our very conservative shells to force us to open up and really get something very positive accomplished. I still can't believe the 'revival' atmosphere at the end. It was so spontaneous and refreshing that it will stand out in my mind as the climax of a great meeting. Thank you.
Acknowledgement from Gowlings

"Hubert, fantastic job!! You really were incredibly effective facilitating my management team. The saying 'I couldn't have done it without you' has rarely been so applicable."
CEO, Client Organization

"I've had numerous occasions to talk to and work with Hubert over the last few years and recommend him highly. His perspectives and advice are thoughtful, strategic, yet rooted in the practical - a rare combination. He is an excellent collaborator and communicator, and can truly engage with people at virtually all levels of an organization. Out of 10, Hubert is a 20."
Dale Arsenault, Bank of Canada

Comments from participants in the Schulich School of Business Executive Program in June 2005:
Very inspiring and immediately useful information and techniques.

Very down to earth, easy to interpret, easy to take home principles to implement.

Excellent! Factual and interactive. Great tools.

Wish we had more time!

Excellent presentation. Would have like to hear more from him.